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We believe in pushing our own abilities and artistic vision. We do this by listening to what our customers want and hunting for that great shot hidden from ground view. The result is new and unique video presentations guaranteed to satisfy our customers.

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What Is Aerial Photography?

Aerial photography is using a drone to capture video or still photos from the air. This has revolutionized the advertising and entertainment industries. Before such shots could only be taken with a large expense from helicopters or airplanes. Now the same shots are able to be taken with a fraction of the cost.  With current gimbal technology, video from our drones is so stable they have been referred to as tripods in the sky.


Pictures are an important part in the marketing of our real estate properties. Our search for someone we could work with to achieve this marketing goal led to our selection of Brian Glenn of B and E Creations. Brian is very easy to work with, always attentive to our needs, and patient as we select the pictures and scenes for our MLS stills and virtual tours. We are impressed by Brian’s broad and up-to-date knowledge of photography, technology, and drone usage, as well as his state of the art equipment. We are happy to have found Brian for our photographic and video needs and would highly recommend him to others.

John and Fran S.

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