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Where industrially sized structures are concerned, traditional inspection methods are time-consuming and frankly dangerous. Our Pilots are able to map an entire structure or construction site with no risk of injury. We can also take images no tethered operator could ever capture.

Construction site

3d Model of area

We can create a 3d Model so you can inspect your worksite from anywhere in the world. Good for everything from ensuring your subcontractors are meeting deadlines to demonstrating progress to Stakeholders. click on the picture to the left to see a sample work site.


With the 3D Modeling that we do we can generate the volumes of large piles of anything from wood to gravel to ore even piles of junk at a waste management facility.

Cell Towers

Traditional  cell tower Inspections takes 2 men, an expensive boom truck and all day.  We can take the video from more angels with one pilot boots on the ground in about 30 minutes. 

Home roofs

Walking on a roof is dangerous. in 2014, 647 deaths occurred in the U.S. from falling off a roof to a lower level. over 1/2 were 20 feet or less showing even a small fall can lead to tragedy. We take the video and you can analyse it from the safety of your home.

Factory stacks

Class 1 inspections can require the building of scaffolding to do proper inspections this can take days and tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars.  We can accomplish this in a fraction of the time and money. Full 3D mapping and Modeling available as a Deliverable.