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Meeting the Myakka

Thank you for visiting. The end of this Project is to create a full length 42-44 minute run time Documentary showcasing an Unbiased view of both the urbanized Developed area's of the Myakka River with its Majestic and wild side.  Regardless if you spell it Miakka or Myakka the River is steeped in both History and wonder. we want to capture that wonder from mouth to source to get the stories from the people who live along the river, the people who work the river, and the rangers in charge around its parks. Using Aerial Photography (drones) we will be able to show a side of the Myakka never before explored, showcasing not just the river but also the wetlands around it.

People Committed So far

We’ve loved every minute of our journey

Brian Glenn, 

Creative Director and Aerial Photographer

My two big passions in life have been flying and wildlife. With Todays Technology I can finally Combine them Both. This project all started Last November when I learned that the FAA had finally created a process to fly Drones Commercially a few months prior. I studied and got my sUAS pilots license within 2 months (having grown up on air force bases and having flown model aircraft with my father it was actually easy for me to learn) I then started B&E creations to learn the Nuances of filming with a drone and have worked to create Films to help sell Luxury real estate and Social events like weddings, baby showers and even a quinceañera.

Jeremy Krous

Personel and Technical Supervisor

I've Known Jeremy for several years and he has time and again shown his unbridled brilliance and ability to lead with both logic and charisma. His technical wizardry and people skills will be an incredible asset in helping manage the Personel, equipment, documentation, and everything that is not directly related to shooting the documentary.

John and Elizabeth Garvy

Public Relations/Website Editor and Researcher

I first Met the Garvys before they had Met each other. We all worked as managers of a tech support company and became friends. John is a charismatic personality that will help drive the Campaign to get this project funded and Elizabeth will hunt down every spelling error and slight inaccuracy to historical fact to make sure this project stays not only viable and entertaining but also consistent with historical accuracy which is very important to the whole Team. Between them is their adorable son Aiden who turned 1 very recently

This Project has Embodied two of my favorite Quotes I'd like to leave you with.

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"You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams."

                                                                       ~Dr Suess

The movie business can be very frustrating and very circuitous; there's no straight path. You have to have tremendous perseverance, dedication, and passion. You have to want it very, very badly and you have to deal with a lot of rejection.

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